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Welcome to Film Services South Africa! Your ultimate gateway to find film-related services in South Africa!

We’ve completely revolutionized the traditional directories. No more long lists, copying & pasting or exhaustive text.

Experience an immediate visual blueprint of film production services on our interactive MAP platform.

With over 100 categories to explore. And singular or multiple category searches. This is your game-changer!

Unique pop-ups to speed up your searches

Our short company descriptions won’t leave you guessing what a company offers. 

And you can even watch showreels and get mobile directions directly from the map pop-ups.

With one-click to everything else you need, you won’t have to search anywhere else.

Saving time is the nature of the game!

Attractions & Locations
to film or visit

South Africa is filled with incredible and diverse landscapes and locations. 

Although not “shoot locations”‘ per sé, we’ve included some amazing South African attractions and places to visit. 

So even if you don’t film at these locations, at least you’ll have a reason to stay for longer!

Film news to keep you in the know

Plus, we’ve added additional film-related news and publications. And our calendar will keep you informed so you don’t miss the next big event!

Additional resources
for filmmakers

Many additional resources have also been included to enhance your filming experience in South Africa (particularly for international filmmakers).

It’s your guide to South African climate and weather services, etiquette, travel safety, demographics, visitor information centres and more!

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