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In need of a reliable film service production company to help co-produce your international commercial? Or on the lookout for a specialist production company to capture nature’s wonders? Whether your project is a reality show, documentary, music video, corporate or educational production, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking to explore the world of virtual reality productions, 360° stills/tours, or VR gaming, then this is the place to be. Here, you’ll also discover specialized stills photographic companies that cater to a variety of niches, including wildlife, commercial, live events, fashion shoots, and even private events like weddings.  

Are you on the hunt for top-notch gear, props or costumes to rent for your production? Then look no further as we have a comprehensive list of the best equipment, props, and costume hire places in your local area!

Need to find a helicopter, yacht, or drone for your latest production? Or maybe you need some help with special effects, stunts, or shooting underwater scenes? We’ve got all the resources you need to make your next film a blockbuster!

Seeking exceptional animation production and post-production services? Or perhaps state-of-the art sound studios with foley FX to craft the perfect final mix or an award-winning composition?  From animation, illustrations & storyboards to film and video edit suites, you’ll find them all here.

Keep your cast & crew vibrant and fueled for the shoot! Discover exceptional film caterers and craft services. And you’ll find all the other production support you need to round off your shoot. From permit offices to medics, fire and security as well as wi-fi on set, fixers, and child-minding experts.

Discover the world-renowned talent of South African film crew! With their dedication and expertise. And whether you’re in search of experienced cast members, talented children, or reliable extras, look no further than the expert agents who represent them.

Whether you’re looking for huge movie studios or just a small creative space like a casting, dance, or rehearsal studio, you’re just one click away. Or perhaps infinity curve or green-screen studios. You’ll even find short-term office rentals for your production team. Everything you need to get the job done!

Seamless transportation solutions is what you’ll find here. From trucks to generators, wardrobe / props vans, crew and cast transport, and even cast camper vans. Or maybe you’re just looking for a basic passenger car or more luxurious travel like limousines and air charters.

Here you’ll discover an extensive array of resources to fulfill any additional requirements for your production. These include equipment sales, film distribution, advertising agencies, digital restoration services, and even staging and events companies.

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